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Executive, Management, Technical, Commercial, Foodservice and Catering & Hospitality Recruitment

Our range of services combined with our business philosophy focuses on providing our clients with tailored recruitment services, which closely reflect their culture and business aims. We aim to be seen as an extension of their organisation.

With clients our aim is to create a competitive advantage for them by the provision of quality candidates and through the positioning of their Company as a leading employer in their market place.

We offer...

A full range of recruitment services including Database and/or Advertising Search and Selection Services, Premier Executive Search, Interim Management Recruitment, Recruitment Advertising and Response Management, Outsourced Recruitment Services (RPO) and Recruitment Campaigns.

Our Client portfolio includes some of the UK’s and world’s best companies for whom we have carried out challenging assignments ranging from contingency based solutions through to retained assignments including Executive Search.

Database and Advertising Search Selection

This service is suitable for assignments of all levels. It is best used for assignments when the role can be well-defined, where a particular type of person is required and where advertising is likely to produce a positive response.

The service is offered on a contingency basis i.e. no placement, no fee or on a retained basis – which is the preferred approach as it eliminates problems often experienced when clients use a number of recruitment agencies for handling the same role.

Parts of the Database and Advertising Search and Selection Service can be provided on an optional basis, providing an opportunity to reduce timescales and costs. Our approach is practical and results-focused to ensure assignments are completed successfully.

Assignment Advertising

Where advertising is part of a search and selection assignment, advertisements may be open with company logos displayed or confidential. However, whichever route is taken, our advertisements will be eye-catching, well written and designed to promote the key attractions of your role.

We will advertise appointments in the most appropriate literature whether it be national, regional or local newspapers or professional and trade press publications.

The rpc Group have links with an advertising agency who are ready to conceive attention-seeking recruitment advertisements that will make your business stand out from your competitors.

Our service includes copy-writing, creative and design services, typesetting and production, media selection advice and costings.

Premier Executive Search

Premier Executive Search

This Premier service is aimed at where clients ask us to find a very senior and/or specialised executive, and where we know there is a finite pool of potential candidates. It is also aimed at assignments where absolute confidentiality and discretion are required. By definition every assignment is unique.

In such cases, advertising is generally not appropriate and Premier Executive Search is the most appropriate method.

This service is offered only for assignments whereby The rpc Group is exclusively retained.

We continually update our database and market sectors, companies and candidates so that we have an up-to-date picture of potential candidates and what their skills are.

Premier Executive Search may take longer than other services and cost a little more, however for senior or specialised roles and where confidentiality and discretion is required it is the most effective way to ensure success.

Interim Management Recruitment

rpc interim specialises in the growing market of supplying Interim Managers and Consultants. We source Operations, HR / Personnel, IT, Sales / Business Development, Commercial and Finance Executives who have particular experience in the sectors in which the Group operates. These are candidates who wish to carry out or are willing to carry out adhoc, contract or interim roles.

These Executives and Managers are experienced professionals in their own fields of expertise who are driven by the opportunity to work on an interim / contract / project basis.

They have a proven track record in providing advice and assisting companies to meet their business objectives and short to medium term recruitment needs.

Working as an Interim / Contract Manager is becoming established as a profession in its own right and a growing number of high calibre managers are setting themselves up as an Interim / Contract Manager on a self employed basis or establishing their own limited company.

rpc interim candidates can be provided under two service options:

Interim Management Placement (Preferred Approach)

Interim Managers supplied by rpc interim can be employed on clients’ payrolls or arrangements may be made for them to invoice the client for their remuneration if this is required provided they are of self-employed status or incorporated as a limited company.

Contract For Services

Candidates engaged on a Contract for Services are not placed on client’s payrolls. Instead rpc interim will invoice the client for charges including the contractors (candidates) costs.

rpc interim retains details of Interim Managers on its database as well as candidates who are between career moves and offering their services for short term employment / projects.

Where a client enquires as to the availability of candidates to perform a short term / interim assignment, the process is very similar to that used for a Database Search and Selection assignment:

  • Client advises rpc interim of their requirements
  • Employment status, rpc interim fees and invoicing arrangements agreed
  • Database search carried out to identify potential candidates
  • Potential candidates contacted to ascertain their interest
  • rpc interim Consultant selects suitable candidates
  • Shortlisted candidates details sent to client
  • Client selects candidates for interview
  • rpc interim arrange and confirm interviews
  • Client selects the appropriate candidate, makes an offer and acceptance is facilitated

Recruitment Advertising and Response Management

This service is only available to existing rpc Group clients or in conjunction with a recruitment campaign for a new client.

Advertising is particularly effective where candidates are sought from a variety of different industries / sectors and where particular skills are required for the role. Advertising will be most effective in cases where there is a broad requirement.

Advertising options available are:

  • rpc website  
  • Internet Job Sites
  • Outplacement Consultancies Job Boards
  • Newspapers
  • Trade Journals        
  • Specialist Publications
  • Cinema
  • Television and Radio
  • Direct Mail

Advertisements may be open with client logos displayed or confidential. However whichever route is taken, rpc advertisements will be eye-catching, well written and designed to promote the key attractions of the role(s). rpc will advertise appointments in the most appropriate means whether it is national, regional or local.

The rpc Group has links with an advertising agency who are ready to conceive attention seeking recruitment advertisements that will make our clients’ business stand out from their competitors.       

Our service includes copy writing, creative and design services, typesetting and production, media selection advice and costings.     

Our Response Management service offers a unique service that operates as a seamless extension of our clients’ HR / Personnel Department.

We offer a full menu of recruitment services from acting as a Post Box, through to a Full Response Handling service.

The rpc Group Response Management service is of value in any industry, sector and level. All CV’s received in response to advertisements will be sent to the client for evaluation and subsequent communication. rpc can also deal with follow-up communications to candidates e.g. hold or reject letters, or letters requesting candidates to call the client to arrange an interview.

The rpc Group can relieve its clients of the administrative burden of an assignment, through to a full pre-selection covering CV and telephone screening to in-depth candidate interviews.

Recruitment Campaigns

The rpc Group in conjunction with its recruitment advertising partner can plan and organise high quality recruitment campaigns for clients.

Campaigns will be tailored to the client’s objectives and all of our client services will be available as necessary.

Recruitment Campaigns

Outsourced Recruitment Services (RPO)

This service is only available to existing rpc Group clients or in conjunction with a recruitment campaign for a new client.

The service is by definition a bespoke one and effectively created to meet the needs of the client.

The rpc Group is ready to work in partnership with you to help your organisation choose, design and then deliver the services that best meet your needs.

Working in partnership with you is the essential element in delivering our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services. Through understanding and meeting your specific requirements, we can manage the entire recruitment process, from receiving applications from your job portal and direct applications through to setting up face to face interviews and the subsequent notification to candidates of their success or otherwise. We will take responsibility and accountability every step of the way and provide a service that reduces time, costs and risks, improving candidate quality and providing you with a competitive edge.

With The rpc Group you will be able to acquire quality staff in the minimum of time therefore optimising your workforce, whatever the recruitment area – permanent or temporary, shop floor or executive.

RPO can be a complex operation that usually involves a comprehensive reengineering of the recruitment process. However, working with The rpc Group you will find the switch from your current arrangements to our RPO services to be both smooth and seamless, as we work with you to engage all interested parties.

Client Support Services

Client Support Services

As part of The rpc Group client services portfolio, the following support services are available to established clients.


Research by qualified researchers experienced in the logistics and supply chain sector are available to clients as an extra service and charged at a daily rate.

Psychometric Testing

Used as an additional selection tool, The rpc Group can provide psychometric testing of candidates. This is charged as an extra and invoiced separately.

Salary and Compensation Benefits

The rpc Group can provide up to date information on salaries and typical compensation benefits

Advertising Media Information

The rpc Group in association with its recruitment advertising agency partner can provide comprehensive up to date information on advertising media options, response levels, circulation figures etc

Job and Personnel Specifications

Our experience in handling assignments over the years in a variety of functions and companies enables us to compile job titles, organograms, job descriptions and personnel specifications professionally and quickly.

Recruitment Advice

The rpc Group is available to offer general advice on recruitment strategy and practices.